ONLINE : 'More to it than tanks : The Battle of Cambrai - Nov-Dec 1917' with Ross Beadle
29 Jan

'More to it than Tanks: The Battle of Cambrai – Nov-Dec 1917'

The 'tank phase' of the Battle of Cambrai lasted until about 2pm on the first day – 8 hours in all. The battle itself lasted (officially) 19 days. Although many of the technical and military advances to be used fully by both sides in 1918 were on display, for the most part Cambrai was something much more familiar in 1917. The key themes of the year are all here – poor advance planning, innovation by the middle ranks and a slow slog in difficult conditions against a well-entrenched enemy. As ever, artillery was the key – to both the initial tank breakthrough as well as what followed.

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29 Jan 2022 14:00