"Cogs in the Machinery of War" by Dr Viv Newman
14 Nov

On 15 November 1918, The Times enthusiastically thanked women for 'the invaluable services which they have so freely given to the national cause', in particular the women who, from 1915 had flocked into the munitions factories which had sprung up across the land. Vital 'cogs in the machinery of war', the newspaper acknowledged that munitions workers' efforts had done much to secure the Victory that was still being celebrated. By using their own writings including poetry, this talk looks at the everyday life of women in the munitions factories, juxtaposing middle-class and working class workers' experiences. It traces a munitions worker's day from the tapping on the window by the official 'waker-upper' until, assuming she had not fallen victim to an accident, the woman fought her way home at the end of her 12-hour-shift. Derives from We Also Served: The Forgotten Women of the First World War.

Congregational Church, King Street, Newcastle under Lyme, StaffsST5 1EJ
14 Nov 2022 18:45