"Flying Evidence, Images of WW1 Original and Replica Aircraft" by Ian Wilson
10 Jan

The general theme of this evening will be to share modern photographic digital images, taken by a keen amateur photographer, Ian Wilson, of WW1 Aircraft, observed in the air, on the ground together with some surviving examples that are exhibited in UK Museums.

A visit to a 2021 Shuttleworth flying display presented Ian with an opportunity to see a number of iconic WW1 British aircraft take to the sky, including Sopwith marques, part of the famous ‘Flying Zoo’ lineage, supplemented by airframes manufactured by A V Roe, Bristol and the Royal Aircraft Factory.

The presentation will start by focusing on the growth of powered flight in Britain during the Edwardian era, revealing a number of photographic images of these pre-WW1 examples still flying at the Old Warden grass airfield in Bedfordshire. The talk will acknowledge the military application of these early aircraft designs and subsequent technological advancements, making the ‘aeroplane’ an increasingly familiar sight above the often- static trench lines evident on the Western Front. The ‘Flying Evidence’ will spotlight some of the most commonly used and well-known British aircraft of the era, including brief technical data, an outline of the aircraft’s role, it’s armament capability and the materials and construction methods used to produce aircraft in large quantities by the war’s end. Much of the technology and manufacturing methods used were considered ‘cutting edge’ for the post-Edwardian/Wartime era.

Ian has held a long-standing interest in WW2 Aviation and British/US ‘Cold War’ Airframes, some still flying today and indeed Ian’s subject matter includes modern day RAF/US Air Force/NATO Military Aircraft seen flying currently in British Airspace, all part of his ‘Plane Spotting’ hobby which ties in with Aviation Photography. The Shuttleworth visit proved to be the inspiration to look more closely at WW1 aviation themes, ie finding the ‘Flying Evidence’ of WW1 aircraft.

Congregational Church, King Street, Newcastle under Lyme, StaffsST5 1EJ
10 Jan 2022 18:45