"Lusitania: Conspiracy,  Calamity or Crime?" by Dr Andy Fear
12 Dec
The sinking of the Lusitania is arguably the most well-known naval incident of the Great War; yet despite large amounts of research, much remains unclear. This talk will look at some of the key theories associated with this tragedy, dealing with the skill of the vessel's captain, whether the Lusitania was carrying contraband, and, if so, of what sort, and whether the British government was complicit in the sinking and sought to cover up its involvement afterwards. It will end by looking at the impact that the sinking had on the evolution of the war as a whole. 
Dr Andy Fear is a Lecturer in Ancient History at the University of Manchester
Congregational Church, King Street, Newcastle under Lyme, StaffsST5 1EJ
12 Dec 2022 18:30