"The Navy in East Africa in 1915-1916, SMS Konigsberg and the African Queen" by Paul Blurton
14 Feb
Paul's talk starts with the destruction of the German light cruiser SMS Konigsberg in the Rufiji river delta in German East Africa, now Tanzania.
The second part covers the expedition to Lake Tanganyika, the Germans on the east bank of the lake and the control of the lake with the civilian ship the Graf von Gotzen which had been armed, and the Belgians on the west bank and the British at the north and south ends of the lake with no naval ships or forces. The expedition led by a man of dubious psychiatric stability, with two Thornycroft motor boats with suitable ordnance attached plus approx 40 men, was to travel from the UK to the Cape, then over 2000 miles north to Lake Tanganyika and make the British the dominant force on the lake. The expedition was named after the motor boats, Mini and Tou-Tou. In command, Geoffrey Spicer-Simson, The oldest Lieutenant Commander in the navy
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14 Feb 2022 18:45