"The Tools of the Trade, Early Munitions for Trench Warfare" by Dr John Sneddon
09 May

From late 1914 to late 1918 trench warfare was the day job of the infantry on the Western Front yet it is rarely discussed in any detail pushed to one side by our emphasis on battles, strategy, politics and the idiosyncratic characteristics of senior commanders.

This talk will take a brief look at aspects of trench fighting in 1915 through the early development of some of the specialised tools the infantry found necessary to fight and survive in the trenches. For fighting these were grenades, mechanical bomb throwers such as spring guns and trench catapults, and the struggle to develop a satisfactory trench mortar; for survival the infantryman could carry into battle bullet-proof shields, push along man-powered tanks or wear body armour fashioned out of silk or steel plates.

Congregational Church, King Street, Newcastle under Lyme, StaffsST5 1EJ
09 May 2022 18:30