V Beach 25th April 1915" by Peter Hart
10 Oct

The British landing on 25 April 1915 at V Beach, Helles was a disaster, a case of over-optimistic planning that presumed everything would go well, and that the Turks wouldn't put up much of a fight! Planning that ignored the strong Turkish defenses. A 'cunning plan' of Baldrick proportions in the River Clyde, which was NOT a landing craft, wasn't properly connected to the beach and had gangways that funneled troops into the sights of the waiting Turks. V Beach was too far from the other beaches to get any effective support on 25 April and the grandiose plans for taking Achi Baba by the end of the first day collapsed in utter failure. But one saving grace was the heroism shown by both sides, the British in desperately trying to get ashore and in rescuing the wounded; the Turks in defending against many times their numbers.

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10 Oct 2022 18:45