Dale Hjort: The Battle of the Asiago - June 1918
28 Jun

After our Italian allies were overwhelmed at Caporetto in late 1917, an Anglo-French force was sent urgently to their aid  This talk concentrates on the successful defensive action fought by two under-strength British divisions on the vulnerable Asiago section of the coalition front when, in twenty four hours, two VC’s were won, Vera Brittain’s brother was killed, the Royal Berkshire were the only supports under the burning pine trees, and a brewery salesman directed the defence of Happy Valley.

Dale’s paternal grandfather came to this country from his native Denmark in search of markets for his business purifying water for industrial purposes. The Admiralty proved ready purchasers during the Great War, so he stayed to raise a family. As a result, Dale has an unpronounceable surname and can claim to be the only WFA member descended from a war profiteer.



Berkshire Sports and Social Club, Sonning Lane, Reading, RG4 6ST
28 Jun 2018 20:00