Branch Awayday (1)
09 Feb

Our awayday this year takes us to Imperial War Museum North to see the exhibition 'Lest We Forget - Remembering the First World War'. The exhibition explores the diverse and compelling ways in which people have, from 1918 to the present day, tried to make meaning out of the Great War's human cost.

Exhibits include the full-sized 'Joey' puppet from the stage show 'War Horse' as well as several iconic paintings commissioned by the British government from some of the nation's most prominent artists. Originally intended for a First World War memorial gallery which was never built, the works include paintings by Paul Nash, Stanley Spencer, Wyndham Lewis and John Singer Sargent's 'Gassed'. These works are shown alongside 180 objects, photographs, film clips and documents.

Should this interest members outside of our area, and who can get to Allerton Bywater by 9am on a Saturday morning, please contact the branch and put your name down.

St Mary's Church Annexe, Station Road, Allerton Bywater, WF10 2DH
0113 250 2165
09 Feb 2019 09:00