'The BEF: The final verdict': a lecture by Prof John Bourne
08 Jun

Now that the Great War is more than a hundred years behind us, and after five years of centenaries, it is perhaps a good time to reflect on the overall performance of the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front.  The BEF, especially its generals, still has a bleak reputation.  Those seeking examples of military ineptitude often look no further.  But the BEF grew in a short space of time from a small colonial police force, equipped for counter-insurgency operations, into a mighty army capable of delivering efficiently organised industrial violence against a major military power.  Does this amount to a national triumph or was it a painful example of learning how to drive by having a series of expensive car wrecks?  This lecture will consider the evidence.

Refreshments are served after the talk, which enables visitors to prepare for the question and answer session, which are always interesting and draw out further details from the presentation.

Members and non-members of The Western Front Association are equally welcome. Any new visitors are guaranteed a friendly atmosphere and a warm welcome from a group of like-minded enthusiasts.


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08 Jun 2019 14:30