Explore the wealth of information to be found in the further release of another 1.5 million digitised Pension Records

This release amounts to approximately 35 percent of the total archive.

It relates to the 'Ledgers' that recorded details of disability for those men who survived and next of kin details for those who were killed.

Further details of the release of these records are available HERE > A Further Release of First World War Pension Records by Ancestry

and a further article explaining the technicalities of the records can be found HERE > The Western Front Association's Pension Record Card and Ledger Archive.


An article looking at examples of ledgers for some of the famous, infamous, extraordinary and ordinary men who served can be read HERE> Famous, Infamous, Extraordinary and Ordinary

Also, feedback from those who have used the WFA's Manual Look Up service is HERE> feedback

David Tattersfield

The Western Front Association