A living monument of two world wars

A message from Dominek Deendooven 

The ‘four trunked chestnut tree’ near the Menin Gate in Ypres which survived two wars, is one of the nominees for the European ‘Tree of the Year’.

During the First World War the city of Ypres was totally destroyed, but the root stump of this tree remained alive.
From the base of the trunk four new side trunks grew up spontaneously. They also survived the Second World War, when Ypres was cold and almost all trees were cut down to firewood.
The Four-trunked Chestnut became a unique survivor from pre-war Ypres.

This living monument, with a trunk base of no less than 9.10 meters in circumference, now symbolizes the force of survival, located next to the world famous Menin Gate.

The final vote is given to the public.

The City of Ypres has made this lovely film featuring the Last Post buglers, local historian Lieven Stubbe, In Flanders Fields Museum director Piet Chielens and the Mayor of Ypres.

We would like to have the ‘First World War community’ to vote for the Ypres tree here >  www.treeoftheyear.org/Stromy/The-Four-Trunked-Survivor  


Here at Ypres, we are missing our many British friends and visitors.

Dominiek Dendooven​

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