16 July 1918 : U/Offz. Otto Stadler

Born in Niederwinkling, Bavaria in May 1895.

The Kingdom of Bavaria within the German Empire with the exclave of Palatinate. Map by Melenioa Scurio (CC) CC BY-SA 3.0

Otto was a housekeeper in his civilian life. He was called into service in March 1915, he saw frontline service from July 1916.

World War I Iron Cross, 2nd Class

Fighting in Rumania through 1916 and 1917, Otto was a recipient of the Iron Cross 2nd Class and moved to the Western Front in May 1918 in time to take part in the 2nd Battle of the Aisne.

Over the Top, Neuville-Vitasse just south of Arras by Alfred Bastien (Canadian War Museum Collections) [Public Domain]

He was killed in action near Neuville during the attacks towards Epernay.

Marfaus Military Cemetery by David Gognies November 2020 on Google Maps (2021)

Ott Stadler is now buried in the ‘Kameraden Grab’ of the German Military Cemetery at Marfaux, Marne.

U/Offz. Otto Stadler, 4. Komp. Kgl. Bay. 28. Inf, Regt.

16 July 1918


Research by David O'Mara.



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