16 September 1914 : Sdt 2e Cl Marius Labruyere, 158 RI

Marius Labruyere was born at Roanne, Loire on 13 December 1893

Roanne, Loire, France (cc OpenStreetMap)

Marius lived at 146, Rue Fontalon, Roanne.

He was called for his compulsory military service in October 1913 and was  still serving upon the outbreak of war.

Soldiers of the 158 th to 1915. G. Garitan CC BY SA 2.0

He saw action in Alsace in the earliest engagements of the war. He next served in the Champagne area where, near Souain on 16 September 1914, he was killed in action during a French assault.

Marius Labruyere has no known grave.

55 Sdt 2e Cl Marius Labruyere, 158 RI.

16 September 1914 killed in action.

Research by David O'Mara.