30 July 1916 : Sdt.2.Cl. Louis Joseph Andrieu

Louis Andrieu was born in Paris on 30 June 1895

Aveyron in France. Map created by Marmelad CC BY-SA 2.5

A bridge over the River Averyron by Kajimoto CC SA 3.5

Before the war Louis was a farmer in Department of Aveyron.

A group of French Soldiers of the 38e R.I. From 	32,000 photos of 'Active infantry' 1st to 99th IR 38th IR

Louis was called into service with the 38e R.I. at Rodez on 15 December 1914. He saw his first service on the Oise front near Ribécourt in mid 1915 before transferring to the 413e R.I. during the autumn of the same year (as part of a reinforcement draft to replace some of the horrendous casualties suffered by the 413e near Souchez in September).

French soldiers photographed in their trenches

With the 413e R.I., Louis served in the Vosges mountains after a short spell of duty in the Artois area before moving to the Verdun battle in June 1916.

A trench at 200 m. north of the east exit of the Tunnel de Tavannes and 200 m. from the Germans

Fighting in the Tavannes and Bois de Fumin sectors through June and July, Louis was killed in action on 30 July 1916 during a large scale and costly attack in area of Tavannes.

One of over 1500 casualties from his regiment in this attack, Louis is buried in one of the ossuaries of the nécropole nationale of ‘Douaumont’.

1319 Sdt.2.Cl. Louis Joseph Andrieu, 413e Règiment d’Infanterie

30 July 1916


Research by David O'Mara.




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