9 December 1917: Pte James G. Churchill

From Hoxton, London

James, the son of William and Rosetta Ann Churchill. 11 Livonia St, London was born 11 April 1895. His mother died in 1901 when he was six. 

Her married the 17 year old Mabel Magdellena in October 1913 - their daughter Mabel Florence was born 12 Nov 1913. They had a second child, George James, born 1 Feb 1915. They lived in Hoxton, Shoreditch. James was a pastry cook who at 5ft 2in could not have enlised earlier in the war. 

According to his extant British Army Service Records in Camden Town on 7 June 1915. On a number of occasions he was unwell, unfit and restricted to camp duties. He also suffered badly from shell shock at the beginning of June 1916 and later that month 'deserted to the depot'. The following year he was wounded in action (September 1917) before being returned to his unit. 

The detail was readily available on his Pension Record Card that are available for Western Front Association members to search for free.

James George died of gas (wounds received in action 30 November 1917). 


James George is buried in the cemetery at Etaples. 

611544 Pte James George Churchill, London Regiment 

Died 9 December 1917


After his death a few items were returned to his wife: cigarette case, photographs and a 'religious book'.

The following year she wrote hoping for a few particular personal items.