Editor’s Introduction

  • Visiting battlefields and cemeteries - picking up litter

Communications Lines (Letters to the Editor)

  • Eton’s Generals
  • Mr Harry Richard Landis, the oldest US veteran at 108

Brothers in Arms: The 27th and 30th American Division on the Western Front with the British Army and the Breaking of the Hindenburg Line, 1918 by Mitch Yockelson

‘Birmingham and Albert: Godmother of Albert in Picardy’ by Alan Tucker

Better or Worse? British Divisional fatalities as an indicator of fighting effectiveness by David Tattersfield

Personalities of the 2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers, Henry Gerald Weston: Gentleman Ranker, Rogue and Patriot: Henry Gerald Weston by David Langley

From Kingston to Cairo: A Medical Officer and the story of No.5 Stationary Hospital, 1915-16 by Dr Andrew Iarocci

The Camera Returns (64): La Neuville, north of Corbie by Bob Grundy and Steve Wall

War Art: Charles Gilbert Holiday by David Cohen

Brotherhood among Irishmen: The Battle of Wytschaete - Messines Ridge, June 1917 by Tom Burke

The Mystery of Major Kent - More Information by No Nearer an Explanation by John Sly

Not Just a Name on a Wall - Finding George Galloway by Tim Lynch

Leominster War Memorial by Ray Westlake

Two Graves at Ruddervoorder By Dr. George Edward Dobeson

Soup and Stoicism - Feeding occupied Belgium during the Great War by Alex Garcia

Garrison Library (First World War books reviewed)

  • The Silent General. A Biography of Haig's Trusted Great War Comrade in Arms by Don Farr
  • Julian Grenfell, Soldier and Poet: Letters and Diaries 1910-1915 by Kate Thompson (Ed.)
  • Carson’s Army. The Ulster Volunteer Force 1910-22 by Timothy Bowman  
  • Major Oliver Nugent and the Ulster Division 1915-1918 by Nicolas Perry 
  • Leslie Coulson: A Singer Once by Vivien Whelpton
  • A Guide to Military History on the Internet by Simon Steel
  • The Unbearable Saki: The Work of H H Munro by Sandie Byrne
  • The Brother Keepers by J E Macnintch 
  • Tracing Your Air Force Ancestors by H L Tomaselli
  • Passchendaele 1917; The Story of the Fallen and Tyne Cot Cemetery by Bostyn, Blieck, Declerk, Descamps and Fraenen.
  • Seduction or Instruction. First World War Posters in Britain and Europe by Jim Aulich and John Hewitt 
  • Meetings in No Man's Land. Christmas 1914 and Fraternization in the Great War by Marc Ferro and Malcolm Brown et al.
  • The Secondary Infantry Division in World War One - A History of the American Expeditionary Force Regulars, 1917-1918 by George B Cole
  • The Greatest Day in History. How the Great War Really Ended by Nicholas Best, Weidenfeld and Nicolson

Short Notices

  • ‘Our Boys’. The Great War in a Lancashire Village by Jonathan Ali
  • The War Memorial Book of the Parishes of Olveston and Aust, South Gloucestershire by WIlliam Morgan
  • Grandad’s War. The First World War Diary of Horace Reginald Stanley by Dr Juliet Brodie
  • Medicine and Duty: The World War I Memoir of Captain Harold W. McGill, Medical Officer 31st Battalion, CEF by Marjorie Barron Norris
  • High Noon of Empire: The Diary of Lt. Col Henry Tyndall 1895-1915 by ‘Jimmy’ Jones (Editor)
  • Gallipoli by Nigel Steel
  • Prisoners of War in British Hands during WWI: A Study in Their History, the Camps and Their Mails by Graham Mark
  • Prisoners, Diplomats and the Great War: A Study in the Diplomacy of Captivity by Richard Speed III
  • Gertrude Bell Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations by Georgina Howell
  • Desert Queen by Janet Wallach
  • The Greatest Day in History. How the Great War Really Ended by Nicholas Best
  • The Watch on the Rhine. The Military Occupation of Rhineland, 1918-1930 by Margaret Pawley
  • Allied Artillery of World War One by Ian Hogg
  • The German Army in World War One, Number 3, 1917-18 by Nigel Thomas
  • Groupe de Combat 12 ‘Les Cigones’ by John Guttman

Also Received

  • Heart of a Dragon, the VCs of Wales and the Welsh Regiments, 1854-1920 by W A Williams
  • Allenby’s Military Medicine. Life and Death in World War I in Palestine by Eran Dolev
  • The Advance from Mons. The Experiences of a German Infantry Officer by Walter Bloem
  • Distant Victory. The Battle of Jutland and the Allied Triumph in the First World War by D A Butler
  • The Memoirs of a Horse Transport Driver 1916-19 by J R Johnston
  • German War Planning 1891-1914: Sources and Interpretation by Terence Zuber
  • The War Lords. Hindenburg and Ludendorff by John Lee
  • Horseman Pass By. The Australian Light Horse in World War 1 by Lindsay Baly
  • Spies in Uniform. British Military Intelligence on the eve of the First World War by Matthew Seligma



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