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The Use of wireless at the Battle of Amiens 8 - 11 August 1918


The Use of wireless at the Battle of Amiens 8 - 11 August 1918 Author: Andy Powell MA A dissertation submitted as part of the requirements for the degree of MA in British First World War Studies at the University of Birmingham. This work won the WFA's prize for the best dissertation of 2013 which was awarded at the WFA President's Conference of 2…

'Planning The Attack At Amiens - 8th August 1918' a talk by Charles Messenger


We finish the season by welcoming back the legend that is Charles Messenger. Charles was an officer in the Royal Tank Regiment for over 20 years before becoming one of this country's leading military historians and defence analysts. To date he has written nearly forty books on all aspects of military history. This talk looks at the meticulous staf…

'Planning the Attack at Amiens' with Charles Messenger


Charles Messenger. The overwhelming attack at Amiens marked the start of the 'hundred days' and the 'advance to victory'. A major reason for the success of the attack was meticulous staff work - a measure of how far the BEF had developed since 1914. This talk will examine how the hugely complex operation was planned and implemented in total secrec…

054: January 1999


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‘At the Top of the Curve? - The BEF Striding Towards Victory in 1918’


The Northumberland Regional Conference   Conference Chairman - Professor John Derry   PROGRAMME Colin Buxton (Branch member): ‘RAF involvement at the Battle of Amiens, 1918’ Andy Robertshaw (University College London): ‘Sinews of Victory! – Logistics & the 100 Days’ Richard van Emden (World War 1 Expert & Author): ‘1918: The Decisive…