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16 September 1914 Sdt 2e Cl Marius Labruyere, 158 RI was killed in action on this day


Born at Roanne, Loire on 13 December 1893, Marius' home address was in that town (at 146, Rue Fontalon). He was called for his compulsory military service in October 1913 and he was, therefore, still serving upon the outbreak of war. He saw action in Alsace in the earliest engagements of the war, and he next served in the Champagne area where, near…

'An invisible foe: The 62nd (West Riding) Division' - a talk by Tim Lynch


In this talk, Tim Lynch will describe one of the 'unknown' battles of the First World War which arguably paved the way for the successful attack on 8th August, which is well remembered as 'The Black Day of the German Army'. The battlefields of the Western Front are usually remembered as desolate moonscapes but in the summer of 1918 troops of the 62…

The German Army in the Offensives of 1917: Arras, the Aisne and Champagne


By Jack Sheldon Pen and Sword 2015, £25.00, 384pp, 55 ills, 13 maps, notes and refs, 2 appendices (including selective biographical notes, bibliog, index. ISBN: 9– 781–783–463–459 Review by David Filsell This volume of Jack Sheldon’s highly–detailed series of books on the German Army in the Great War follows his usual effective model – employing…

Sdt Augustin Joseph Louis Victorin Trébuchon, 415e RI.


The last French soldier to be killed in action during the Great War, Augustin was born on 30 May 1878 in the small farming village of Montchabrier (Lozère), Languedoc-Roussillon. The eldest of five children, Augustin was orphaned during his teenage years and, prior to enlistment in his compulsory military service, worked as a communal shepherd in o…

‘General Joffre’ The 1994 Presidential Address, delivered by the Honorary President John Terraine


  [This article first appeared in Stand To! 42 January 1995 pp6-12] The more you study the Great War, the more you can see that it falls into two definite parts - so distinct that they might almost be different wars. The turning point is the end of 1916 and the beginning of 1917. The first part of the war was when the great armies - greater than …

1403 Sdt 2 Classe Jean Ernest Edmond Pagnen, 120 RI. (87 Bde, 4 Inf Div) (French Army).


Born 25 October 1894 (Class of 1914) at Friville (Somme). Killed in action near Mesnil les Hurlus in the Champagne on 4 March 1915 during the assault around Cote 196 and the Ravin des Cuisines. He now lies in the ossuary of the Nécropole Nationale at Jonchery- sur-Suippe. 4 March 1915 David O’Mara