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039: Winter 1993


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‘Lloyd George - The Man Who Won the War?’ with Jonathan Rodell


Jonathan Rodell will be giving a talk on Lloyd George and asking the question, was he 'The Man Who Won the War?’ Dr Jonathan Rodell studied History at Pembroke College, Cambridge and received his doctorate for a thesis on popular religion in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The focus of his work is on grassroots history and the impact of r…

1914-1918 Essays on Leadership & War by John Terraine : Introduction by Correlli Barnett


The articles that made up 'Leadership & War' were edited by Ann Clayton, in 1998 the Honorary Editor of Stand To! the Journal, The Western Front Association with an introduction by Correlli Barnett, the newly appointed Honorary President, The Western Front Association. 'Leadership & War' was published in September 1998 by the Trustees of T…

'The Frocks and the Brass Hats' by Gordon Corrigan


Friction between politicians and military commanders is probably as old as warfare itself.  There has always been and always will be a conflict between defence and foreign policy, between them designed to keep the nation safe and great, and social spending, designed to keep the population contented and prosperous. While no one would deny that in a …

The British Route to War


Britain's entry into the Great War is far more complex than the reason for the country embarking on the Second World War. The following factors were mentioned by Sir Edward Grey (Foreign Secretary) in Parliament on the eve of war:[1] "Present Balkan Crisis" (ie assassination) Morroccan crisis Friendship with France Possible risk to (French) …

27 - 28 June: TWO DAY CONFERENCE: Peace making after the First World War 1919-1923


To mark the centenary of the signature of the Treaty of Versailles, this two day conference explores the peace making process after the First World War and will explore other treaties that marked the formal end of hostilities: Saint-Germain (Austria), Neuilly (Bulgaria), Trianon (Hungary), Sèvres (Ottoman Empire) and Lausanne (Turkey). This is a jo…

David Lloyd George: The Man Who Won The War? by Jonathan Rodell


A radical firebrand and outspoken opponent of the Boer War, Lloyd George was an unlikely war leader but quickly emerged as the politician most able to rise to the extraordinary challenges of the Great War. Why did contemporaries see his role as so crucial? And were they right? Dr Jonathan Rodell studied History at Pembroke College, Cambridge and r…