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Influenza 1918: The Worst Epidemic in American History


Book review by Bill Hanigan. The jacket of this book describes it as a companion to the documentary 'Influenza 1918' aired on PBS in the series The American Experience. This description is accurate. Using individual voices or vignettes, Lynette Iezzoni creates an evocative and surprisingly complete picture of the pandemic's effects on the American…

067: April 2003


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The BEF, Human Diseases and Trench Warfare on The Western Front


The BEF, Human Diseases and Trench Warfare on The Western Front Introduction   The Great War was the first major conflict where the death rate due to the trauma of war (largely inflicted by projectiles such as bullets and shells) was greater than that due to disease; on the Western Front the ratio was 5:1. But no soldier on the Western Front c…

The Influenza Epidemic of 1918


The Influenza Epidemic of 1918 by Dr. David Payne, PhD EurProBiol CBiol MIBiol History records several great pandemics (i.e. country-, continental- or world-wide outbreaks of disease). Prominent among these were the Black Death, 1347-1351, the Great Plague in the 1660s, cholera in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and the 1918 infl…