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I Embarked for France: The War Diaries and letters of an English family in the Great War: Evelyn Ansell, 19th King’s Liverpool Regiment


Reviewed by Linda Parker. Although this narrative of a family’s journey and the mixed fortunes of war is focused on Evelyn Ansell, its first chapter, describing the end of a family holiday in August 1914, introduces his family as the lens through which the Great War is seen. As Meryl Moore comments 'I read these family letters and lived the war ye…

Island of Ireland Trustee


Role/Purpose:  Promoting the constitutional aims and objectives of The Western Front Association on the island of Ireland and supporting all Irish branches and members. Key Function:  Island of Ireland Officer As a trustee and member of the executive committee, liaise with and provide support to Irish branch chairmen and members, establish cont…

Gerry White


  Gerry is a founding member and chair of the Cork Branch since 2010.   He served forty-three years in the Irish Defence Forces and retired in 2017. During his military service he had the honour of representing Ireland at the Centenary Commemoration of the Battle of the Somme at Thiepval in 2016.   He has also published a number of books and …

30 March 1918 : Corporal Joseph Blackwood


Parents George and Elizabeth (née Lundy)  At the 1901 Census, age 5, Joseph was living at home, the youngest of eight children.  At the 1911 Census, age 15, Joseph was living at home with his parents, much older brothers George and William, cousin Lizzie and a nephew.  He went to school at Coramlet National School and Armagh Royal School. Bef…

Ep. 120 – Popular responses to the outbreak of WW1 – Prof Catriona Pennell


Prof Catriona Pennell, from the University of Exeter, talks about her book on the popular responses to the outbreak of the Great War in 1914 (published by OUP). Your browser does not support the audio element. Her own interest in the perio…

Ireland and the First World War by D Fitzpatrick (Ed.)


xiii, 120 pp, illustrated. Paper cover.  IRE5.95. The Lilliput Press, Gigginstown, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, Republic of Ireland. 1988. ISBN 0 946640 34 4.  This book, written by students from Trinity College, Dublin, first appeared in 1986. It sold out almost at once and has now been revised and expanded.  A quarter of a million Irish men en…

Revolution? Ireland 1917-1923 by David Fitzpatrick


173 pp. Paperback. IR £3.95.  Trinity History Workshop, Dublin.  1990 ISBN 0 9511400 5 1.  Readers will recall the earlier book in this series, the essays by undergraduates of the University, entitled: Ireland and the First World War published in 1988. This latest book breaks new ground again and the article which is likely to be of most interes…

Irish Voices from the Great War by Myles Dungan


[This review first appeared in the September 2001 edition of Stand To! No. 62] Irish Academic Press Dublin, 1995, 219pp. $34.50. ISBN 0 7165 2573 9.  The Great War was the last time all Ireland fought a war as part of the British Empire. Indeed, Nationalists hold that the Great War gave birth to the legal entity that in time became the Republ…

Ep.230 – 'Staking the coffins' – the 1918 flu Epidemic in Ireland – Dr Ida Milne


Dr Ida Milne

Dr Ida Milne, Lecturer in European History at Carlow College, Ireland, talks about her recent book, 'Stacking the Coffins', that looks at the impact of 1918 Spanish Flu in Ireland at the end of the Great War and early 1920s. Her book is published by Manchester University Press.