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'The Third Battle of the Aisne 1918' with David Blanchard


Historian David Blanchard talks about his latest book on the Third Battle of the Asine that took place in May 1918. This book is published by Pen and Sword

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The Capture of the Riqueval Bridge - Interview with Former Brigadier Jim Tanner


Enjoy in full this captivating, deeply researched and fully understood story behind the taking of the Riqueval Bridge on 29 September 1914. Hear  Former Brigadier Jim Tanner talking about the capture of Riqueval Bridge on 29 September 1918 from a soldier’s point of view as he is prompted by military historian Dr Tom Thorpe. This 26 minute Q &a…

The Great War Pension Record Cards - David Tattersfield


WFA Trustee David Tattersfield talks about the First World War Pension Record Cards that the WFA acquired from the Ministry of Defence in 2012 and how these records are to be made publicly accessible online in the near future. Click the 'play'button below to hear the interview with Dr Tom Thorpe about these Pension Records.      …

Neither Unionist nor Nationalist. Historian Dr Stephen Sandford talks about the 10th (Irish) Division


Historian Dr. Stephen Sandford talks about his 2014 book, Neither Unionist Nor Nationalist, about the history of the 10th (Irish) Division during the Great War. Ep88: The 10th (Irish) Division  

Civilian Volunteers during the First World War


Civilian Volunteers during WW1. Dr Sally White talks about her new book Ordinary Heroes on civilian volunteers during the Great War, published by Amberly. Episode 89: Civilian Volunteers during the First WOrld War 

The Portuguese Expeditionary Force in the First World War


The Portuguese Expeditionary Force in WW1. Portuguese Army officer Miguel Freire talks about the role of the Portuguese Expeditionary Force on the Western Front during WW1.   Episode 90: The Portuguese Expeditionary Force in the First World War

The Morale of the Italian Army in World War one


The morale of the Italian army in WW1. Historian Dr Vanda Wilcox, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History at John Cabot University, talks about her recent book on the morale of the Italian Army during the Great War which has just been published in paperback by Cambridge University Press (from 20.12.2018).   Episode 91: The Morale of the Italian Ar…

Public School Great War Memorials by Sarah Wearne


Public School Great War Memorials. School archivist Sarah Wearne talks about her new book that looks at Great War memorials in public schools, This is published by Helion. Episode 92: Public School Great War Memorials 

Willie Redmond MP


Willie Redmond MP. John Green talks about his relative Irish nationalist politician Major Willie Redmond MP, who was killed at the Battle of Messines in June 1917.   Episode 93: Willie Redmond MP    

The Rise of Sir William Robertson with Ross Beadle


The Rise of Sir William Robertson. Historian Ross Beadle talks about the rise of Sir William Robertson who was appointed to the role of Chief of the Imperial General Staff in December 1915.  Episode 95 : The Rise of Sir William Robertson   

Lawrence of Arabia


Military historian Dr John Peaty talks about Lawrence of Arabia.  Episode 96 : Lawrence of Arabia 

Dr Tom Thorpe MCIPR, MA, BA


Tom is a trustee with responsibility for press relations and The Western Front Association weekly podcast, Mentioned in Dispatches. Tom has been a member of the WFA since 2004. He was chair of London Branch and founder of the Antrim and Down Branch. He is an independent scholar focusing on combat motivation, morale and military group cohesion wit…