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'Glum Heroes' a talk by Peter Hodgkinson


Peter Hodgkinson's talk is entitled "Glum Heroes - Hardship, Fear and Death - Resilience and Coping in the British Army on the Western Front 1914-1918.   This talk considers the way fear was expressed and controlled in trench warfare; and the ways in which stoicism, manliness and the norms of the early 20th century society assisted in its control…

'Towards Victory' The Western Front Association York Conference 2018 - 7 July 2018


The Annual Western Front Association York Conference   Speakers: Taff Gillingham: Tommies in 1918 Dr Peter Hodgkinson: The Battle of the Selle 17/18 October 1918 Dr. Tim Gale: From the Battle of Montdidier to the Battle of Guise - The French Army in the 100 Days Campaign 1918 Prof. David Stevenson: Politics and Strategy in the Making of the N…

'Clearing the Dead' by Dr Peter Hodgkinson


Dr Peter Hodgkinson talks about the huge effort required after the war to try and recover and identify the dead soldiers, and the organisation of the teams that scoured the battlefields and carried out the exhumations.

The Battle Of The Selle - 4th Army Operations, 17-31 Oct 1918. A talk by Dr Peter Hodgkinson


The Battle of the Selle is one of the forgotten battles of the Great War, yet it must be regarded as one of this nations greatest military victories. This talk will reveal how the balance of contributions for all arms would vary from battle to battle. The weather at the Selle denied the BEF intelligence from the air. Fourth Army did not know the …

Fear and Courage in Trench Warfare


Dr Peter Hodgkinson returns to the Durham branch to discuss the psychological effects of trench warfare.   All are welcome. 

REMINDER: Up Coming WFA National and Regional Conferences


Tally Ho Centre, Birmingham : 2 June 2018 7th President's Conference 'German Spring Offensives'   Availability: almost 100 tickets already sold. Speakers: Jonathan Boff, Jim Beach, Alison Hine, Chris Baker Fee: £30 per person Remember: £50 combined fee when you book this and the York conference Book via the WFA booking page or via the WF…