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‘Your Country Needs You’ a talk given by Dr James Taylor


Dr James Taylor will give a talk on recruitment.  James Taylor MA (Hons), FRSA (born 1963) is a published author, expert on maritime art, and former Curator of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. The iconic image by Alfred Leete of Lord Kitchener with outstretched hand and finger, exhorting you to 'do your bit', is a design classic and has b…

'Propoganda and Reportage' with Mike Coyle


MIKE COYLE  - “PROPOGANDA & REPORTAGE” Propaganda & Reportage The way that the war was reported, the people, the events, the facts, censorship, political control and more especially the way that reported stories were received at home, were not just for immediate consumption, they laid down the basis for social and historical research. Yet…