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16 July 1918 : U/Offz. Otto Stadler


Otto was a housekeeper in his civilian life. He was called into service in March 1915, he saw frontline service from July 1916. Fighting in Rumania through 1916 and 1917, Otto was a recipient of the Iron Cross 2nd Class and moved to the Western Front in May 1918 in time to take part in the 2nd Battle of the Aisne. He was killed in action ne…

ONLINE : Amazing Medical Women – The Scottish Women’s Hospital with Dr John Sorrell


To be presented as a Zoom meeting. Our next talk, moved from September to October, is by Dr John Sorrell. This will be the third talk he has given us, all on a medical theme. His previous talks were ‘From the Front to Home Hospital’ and ‘The Madonnas of Pervyse’; both very well received. This month’s talk, ‘Amazing Medical Women’, is about the…