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Cumbria Branch Summer Meeting


Starting at 10.30am.  Theme of the Meeting: 'A World at War' Speakers and Topics Stuart Eastwood: 'Salonika' Stuart Hadaway: 'From Gaza to Jerusalem, 1917' Dale Hjort: ' British Forces in Italy, 1917-1918'   To register for this meeting, which will include lunch, please contact the Branch Chairman Chris Payne. 

'Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Memories - A visit to the Salonika Front' a presentation given by Keith Jackson


Keith Jackson will be giving a talk on his visit to the Salonika front.    The 2/19th Battalion, London Regiment, at rest during their march to the front line in Macedonia, December 1916. Image Courtesy of the IWM Q32638  Soldiers of a Scottish infantry battlion from 77th Brigade manning a trench in the 'Birdcage' Line outside Salonika, February…

'The Great Fire of Salonika' a talk given by Nigel Crompton


Nigel Crompton will be giving a talk on 'the Great Fire of Salonika, 1917'. Image: The fire as seen from the quay in 1917. 

'Balkan Purgatory - the 60th (London) Division in Salonika, December 1916 - June 1917' by Charles Fair


Charles Fair will give a talk on the the 60th (London) Division in Salonika, December 1916 - June 1917.   We usually meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month except August and December at 15:15 for 15:30 - 17:30.   Venue: St Philip and St James Parish Hall, Whitton, TW2 7BY