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‘The Battle of Nonne Bosschen November 1914’ by Vern Littley


Vern Littley will be giving a presentation on The Battle of Nonne Bosschen November 1914.   This battle occurred towards the end of the first battle of Ypres. The German High Command put together a Corps comprising Prussian Guard divisions (from Army Group Fabeck) and attempted to outflank the Guards division in Polygon Wood when the French Zouav…

1914 The Memoirs of a Volunteer by Harry Fellows


[This article first appeared in Stand To! No 11 Summer 1984 pp.34-35. At this time, there were more than 170 members of the Western Front Association who were veterans of the First World War, like Harry Fellows they shared reminiscences, their memoirs, diaries and letters. Members of the WFA have access to a growing online archive of back issues of…

035: Summer 1992


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'Territorial Gunners at War' by Terry Dean


Terry is well known to all as the editor of Despatch and an active member of the branch.  This new talk is being given for the first time and concerns the Territorial Gunners at war.

'The ones who went first: the officers of the BEF in 1914’ by Andrew Duncan


In this talk Andrew will look at the military training and education of the pre-war junior officers and how this applied to their experience ‘at the sharp end’ during the early months of the war. He will examine the initial war of movement to the ‘siege-like’ trench offensive which had developed by the end of 1914. The survivors of these first mon…

'The 1914 experience of Lancashire regiments' by Terry Dean


The talk covers the major events from declaration of war on 4 August to the end of the First Battle of Ypres in November 1914. Included are reports on the experiences of Lancashire's infantry and cavalry regiments that helped shape the course of history. The Lancashire units were spread through the five cavalry and infantry divisions which initial…

"Motorcycle dispatch riders in 1914" by Nick Shelly


In this talk Nick will describe the motorcyclists contribution to the 1914 campaign, from their own words and illustrated with their previously unpublished photographs. Some accounts are contemporaneous, others written soon after the war. The talk is illustrated with many unpublished images from various sources.    

059: September 2000


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078: January 2007


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100: June 2014 Centenary Edition


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'Impressive in its Futility: The Case of the German High Seas Fleet' by Professor John Derry


Professor John Derry will be giving a talk on the German High Seas Fleet. One of the reasons for growing Anglo-German antagonism before 1914 was the German decision to build a modern battlefleet, triggering a naval arms race. Though the German High Seas Fleet was an excellent navy – well-trained officers and men, superbly designed capital ships an…

Major Arthur Hughes-Onslow: soldier, jockey and one of the first British deaths in the Great War


Arthur Hughes-Onslow was born in 1862. He joined the 10th Hussars at Lucknow, India and stayed in the regiment for 20 years. Along the way, he acquired the nickname of 'Junks', although he had no idea why it was given to him. It soon became the name by which he was known by family, friends, the racing public and fellow soldiers alike. Everyone w…

'Hunted...With All The Hounds' - 24th August 1914 - The Day After Mons by Sean Godfrey


Historically accepted as the first day of the 'Great Retreat' the vicious engagements of the 24th August are often forgotten. However British casualties on this day were higher than the casualties for the Battle of Mons. This talk looks at the actions of this day, in particular at Frameries, Wasmes, Elouges and Audregnies.  

In Search of the Chums - Researching The Old Contemptibles' Association by Andrew Thornton


Andrew will talk about the history of The Old Contemptibles’ Association, the legacy they left behind, and some stories of the Chums that he has researched over the years.

The Opening and Closing Shots Tour


The Tayside Branch organised a coach tour to the Western Front in June 2019. Two years after the Branch’s last tour, Tayside WFA returned to the Western Front in June this year. The broad theme, and the title of our tour was “The Opening and Closing Shots” – we were going to selectively concentrate on the two phases of open warfare in the opening …

Mons 1914-1918 - A Talk By Jonathan Steer


Branch member Jonathan Steer will present a talk about  Mons covering 1914-18. The suggested entrance donation is £3.00 and there is an optional buffet for £1.50 As always, those who are not members of the Association are very welcome to attend 

'Hancock's Quest' (1914) with Kevin Patience


A presentation by Kevin Patience. This is the story of an outdated British cruiser undergoing repairs in Zanzibar on the east coast of Africa on 20 September 1914, and a Devon born lad James Hancock who as a Stoker aboard the ship was killed in action when the ship was shelled and sunk by the German cruiser Konigsberg.   This was one of the Royal…

29 October 1914 : Fred Cockett


Fred was son of Elizabeth Cockett and (it is presumed) Joseph Moore (they married in 1891). Frederick was the eldest brother of Gunner John Moore, who is also recorded on this site, who died from his wounds in 1918. In the 1891 Yorkshire Census, Fred, aged 4 years, was living with his grandparents, John and Mary Cockett (nee Constantine). John was…

The Battles of La Bassée, Armentières and Messines 1914' with Sean Godfrey


Sean Godfrey

Sean Godfrey will be giving a talk entitled 'Little of that seed remained - The Battles of La Bassee, Armentieres and Messines 1914'

Image: 39 Garhwal Rifles. (c) National Army Museum


The Battles of La Bassée, Armentières and Messines 1914

The Battles of La Bassée, Armentières and Messines 1914


‘Little of that Seed Remained’ – The Battles of La Bassée, Armentières and Messines 1914

La Bassée after the fighting

 French Field Gun and ammunition waggon at Bas Maisnil

IMAGES: Rue de Lille, Armentières, The ruins of La Bassée, 'Two officers (Davidson, M. O., and Churchill) of the 1st Cameronians by a 75 mm. French Field Gun and ammunition waggon at Bas Maisnil'.