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‘The Battle of Nonne Bosschen November 1914’ by Vern Littley


Vern Littley will be giving a presentation on The Battle of Nonne Bosschen November 1914.   This battle occurred towards the end of the first battle of Ypres. The German High Command put together a Corps comprising Prussian Guard divisions (from Army Group Fabeck) and attempted to outflank the Guards division in Polygon Wood when the French Zouav…

1914 The Memoirs of a Volunteer by Harry Fellows


[This article first appeared in Stand To! No 11 Summer 1984 pp.34-35. At this time, there were more than 170 members of the Western Front Association who were veterans of the First World War, like Harry Fellows they shared reminiscences, their memoirs, diaries and letters. Members of the WFA have access to a growing online archive of back issues of…

035: Summer 1992


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Territorial Gunners at War by Terry Dean


Terry is well known to all as the editor of Despatch and an active member of the branch.  This new talk is being given for the first time and concerns the Territorial Gunners at war.

'The ones who went first: the officers of the BEF in 1914’ by Andrew Duncan


In this talk Andrew will look at the military training and education of the pre-war junior officers and how this applied to their experience ‘at the sharp end’ during the early months of the war. He will examine the initial war of movement to the ‘siege-like’ trench offensive which had developed by the end of 1914. The survivors of these first mon…

The 1914 experience of Lancashire regiments by Terry Dean


The talk covers the major events from declaration of war on 4 August to the end of the First Battle of Ypres in November 1914.  Included are reports on the experiences of Lancashire's infantry and cavalry regiments that helped shape the course of history.  The Lancashire units were spread through the five cavalry and infantry divisions which initi…