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6 September 1917 Pte Bertie Howroyd was killed on this day


Bertie Howroyd was born in Ravensthorpe in or about 1898. Living with his parents, Ephraim and Ellen Howroyd at 93 Clarkson Street, Ravensthorpe, he attended the Wesleyan Church and Sunday School and worked as a percher for Pickering Greaves and Co (a perch is a frame on which cloth is placed for inspection; a percher is the person who inspects the…

A Village Goes to War. A History of the Men of Ravensthorpe who Fell in the Great War


Book Review by Bob Wyatt.   WFA Member David Tattersfield has researched the names on the memorial in his local church in Ravensthorpe, West Yorkshire. Fortunately, three large frames of photographs had also been preserved - a most unusual occurrence - covering 81 of the 114 names on the memorial. At the time of the Great War Ravensthorpe's popul…

The Heilsberg 39: A New British First World War Cemetery in Poland


Between August and December 1918 a number of British Prisoners of War died at Heilsberg Prisoner of War camp in the east of Germany. It is likely their deaths were a result of insufficient food, overwork or one of the diseases that often swept through these overcrowded and insanitary camps. Conditions in Germany at this time were harsh. Food was sc…