Dear Unknown Warrior,

I am proud of the sacrifice you made for the country, but I question why you went to war.

Were you made to by the government or forced by peer pressure? If the government made you go that’s okay; but if you lived in the times of the white feather but were too young to serve, I think that’s a bit weak. I think it’s weaker to go to war because of someone else’s view than to die in a big battle because you wanted to go. 

On that note, how was life in the trenches? Was it the fairy tale that they said it was? Or was it as good as the hell below? From what I’ve learnt it wasn’t a fairy tale, but wasn’t hell either. The morale boosting moments do seem to be a paradise from the mud, trench foot and illness. 

How did you die? And who are you? We can answer these questions now but we don’t want to, apparently, I find that hard to understand. Why keep it a secret? You died in the First World War, no-one alive will know you completely…

In conclusion, you confuse me, annoy me and seem to want to hold on to your secret. We will find out – I will find out – I promise this!

Yours truly,

Lily Ella Barnard




Lily Ella Barnard 

Year 9

The King’s School Chester