Dear Unknown Warrior,

As we near to the centenary, of the day when your coffin was draped in the Union Jack, your body journeyed from the western front, in which you so valiantly fought, to the streets of Westminster packed with thousands, all paying their final respects, you were given a momentous burial in the Westminster Abbey amongst key figures of Britain, now in 2020 we start to remember the role you played in British history.

Although your name, rank and class are unknown you are still a valued warrior, sacrificing your life so gallantly, like many others, all for the victory of Britain and for future generations. As we all settle down for the centenary of your body’s retrieval, we begin to acknowledge the role you played in the defeat of the central powers in 1918. World War 1 was a combined effort; without you and all your comrades Britain would have suffered a unanimous defeat.

Your body provided hope and reassurance for people who have unable to retrieve their deceased loved one’s bodies from the battlefields. They can pay their last respects to you, knowing that you could possibly be their lost loved one. Your body is still a key, even for people today, for getting over their grief.

Although no one knows your name, everyone knows you, loves you for you are not unknown anymore.

Yours Sincerely,

Shadman Razin




Shadman Razin (8T)

Morpeth School