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A Village Goes to War. A History of the Men of Ravensthorpe who Fell in the Great War


Book Review by Bob Wyatt.   WFA Member David Tattersfield has researched the names on the memorial in his local church in Ravensthorpe, West Yorkshire. Fortunately, three large frames of photographs had also been preserved - a most unusual occurrence - covering 81 of the 114 names on the memorial. At the time of the Great War Ravensthorpe's popul…

First World War Memorial to the Portuguese


These Memorial Windows were designed and created by Caroline Benyon, Fellow of the Master Glass Painters.    They are a First World War Memorial to the Portuguese, and they are to be found in the Roman Catholic Church of St James, 61 Pope's Grove, Twickenham.    The window to the right commemorates the humanitarian work of Dom Manuel II, the la…