An Irish Family in War and Revolution by Denis Kirby
29 Nov

The decade between 1913 and 1923 was a time of war and revolution for the people of Ireland. It was also a time of divided loyalties. While over 200,000 Irish men served in the British armed forces during the Great War, thousands of others would join revolutionary groups like the Irish Volunteers to fight for an independent Irish Republic. This presentation tells the the story of five brothers in the Higgins/O'Higgins family, one who served in the Royal Navy, one in the British Army, two who were republicans and were active during the Irish War of Independence, and the youngest, who as a schoolboy was also involved in the War of Independence and later joined the pro-Treaty Irish National Army during the Irish Civil War.


Denis Kirby is a founding member of the Cork Branch of the WFA and the recently retired Irish Chair of the Leinster Regiment Association. He is also a member of the O'Higgins family that is the subject of his presentation.

Room 103 of the Cork School of Further Education and Training, Morrisons Island, Centre, Cork, T12 H685, Ireland
29 Nov 2023 19:30