Conditional Loyalty - The Story of the 1914 Curragh Incident  by Patrick Sheehan
24 Apr

The Curragh Incident of March 1914 (sometimes incorrectly called the 'Curragh Mutiny) took place against the backdrop of the Irish Home Rule crisis that gripped Britain and Ireland at that time. It occurred when British officers based at the Curragh Camp, in Co. Kildare, in Ireland, including Brigadier General Hubert Gough, threatened to resign if ordered to take action against the unionist Ulster Volunteer Force  It shook the British political and military establishments to the core and would lead to the resignations of of Britain's Secretary of State for War and Chief of the Imperial General Staff. This presentation by Pat Sheehan tells the story of the Curragh Incident.

Patrick Sheehan is a retired Irish Army Reserve officer, a keen historian, and member of the Cork Branch WFA who has written a number of articles on different aspects of military history.

Room 103 of the Cork School of Further Education and Training, Morrisons Island, Centre, Cork, T12 H685, Ireland
24 Apr 2024 19:30