'The United States Naval Air Service in Ireland' by Will Bryant
27 Sep

During the last months of the Great War, five United States Naval Air Stations were constructed in Ireland. The aircraft located in these stations were tasked with providing ‘top-cover’ for Allied convoys and attacking German U-boats. Four of the stations contained Curtiss H-16 Flying Boats. These aircraft were built by the Curtiss company and the Naval Aircraft Factory in Philadelphia. The fifth station was designated an LTA (Lighter than Air) station as it contained a kite balloon that was towed by an escort destroyer. Will Bryant’s talk will look at each of the five air stations, the aircraft and the balloons they contained, and the crews that flew them.


Will Bryant is a retired member of the Irish Navy who has a lifelong interest in military history.  He has a particular interest in the Great War as a total fifteen members of his mother’s and father’s families took part in that conflict. Will is also a longtime member of the Cork Branch of the WFA and his talks have always proven to be informative and enjoyable.

Room 103 of the Cork School of Further Education and Training, Morrisons Island, Centre, Cork, T12 H685, Ireland
27 Sep 2023 19:30