Welcome to the Chesterfield branch. The Chesterfield Branch was set up iin January 2010 .

The first meeting  took place on 26th January 2010 at Chesterfield Labour Club.

Despite the football match, the evening was a great success with 26 people attending (15 apologies).

It was decided that the Branch would be known as the Chesterfield Branch. 

A little about what led up to the formation of the Branch, The first Chairman was the guiding light behind the formation of the branch. He called a meeting using the WFA members database, of those who lived in the area Sheffield/Doncaster/North Notts/North Derbyshire. A group  met at the Chesterfield labour club, about end of 2009/start 2010. There  was interest in setting up a Sheffield/South Yorkshire branch and a Mansfield Branch, but it was decided at that meeting mentioned above  that Chesterfield was central geographically to both country and city. so the two interested parties  joined forces and set it up in Chesterfield, and has never looked back since with attendance blooming.

 The objectives of the Branch is to :promote good fellowship and to further interest in the Great War (the War to end all Wars)We meet at Chesterfield Labour Club, 113 Saltergate, Chesterfield, 1st Tuesday of the Month.

(Entrance to Club 'free' car park is on Tennyson Ave reached via St Margaret's Drive from Saltergate direction (one way system)

Members of The Western Front Association and non-members are equally welcome to attend. We ask for a modest £3 donation on the door to assist in covering room charges and speaker expenses, The Club licensed bar is available for use by all attending our meetings.

Please note: as we use a private club's premises on your first visit we will ask you to complete a temporary club membership form at our Welcome desk. This is required to fulfil the Club's Licensing Regulations and is  regardless of whether or not you will use the bar. The annual one-off cost is covered by the branch out  of your donation. 

(After the speakers talk there is a Q&A session with the speaker, followed by a raffle, raffle tickets can be purchased at the door for £1 per ticket.)

Any new visitors will be assured of a welcoming and friendly atmosphere among a group of like-minded enthusiasts



Please have a look at the following links (which you may find of interest)

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                                                        2019 Office Bearers

 Tony Bolton (1).jpg                               

           (Chair)                                     (Vice Chair)                         (Secretary)                                  (Treasurer)               

       Tony Bolton                           Mark Macartney              Grant Cullen                                 Jane Lovatt            


             (Committee Members)           


      Jon-Paul Harding             Peter Harris         Andrew Kenning 


  Gallery Of Speakers


        Tony Bolton                Niall Cherry                          Peter Hart               John Derry            Richard Pullin  


 Rob Thompson        Alan Atkinson                     Malcolm Sime           Murray MsVey    Charles Beresford


    Arthur Lacey                David Tattersfield     Stephen Badsey      Peter Hodgkinson          Sean Godfrey


   Andy Lonergan              John Sneddon            Bill MacCormick          Spencer Jones         Jerry Murland



Phylomena Badsey       Steve Warburton          Simon Peaple              John Beech               Tim Lynch



David Humberston       Jonathan Steer             Peter Dennis          Bryn Hammond               Grant Cullen


 Stephen Barker             John Beckett              Jonathan D'Hooghe          Rod Arnold                 Chris Corker   


      John Bourne              Graham Kemp            Beth Griffiths             Andrew Rawson               Nick Baker 


    OMRS Image (4).jpg     

    Paul Handford       Peter Harris 

Upcoming Branch Events

‘The Robin Hoods – Who were they?’ - by Jonathan D`Hooghe
05 Nov

‘The Robin Hoods – Who were they?’ - by Jonathan D`Hooghe

Chesterfield Labour Club, 113 Saltergate, Chesterfield, S40 1NF
05 Nov 2019 19:30

A brief look at the history of the 7th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (The Robin Hood Rifles) and a snapshot of the battalion at two points in time, Autumn 1915 and Spring 1918. Using death records at the Hohenzollern Redoubt in 1915 and for the German Spring Offensive of March/April 1918 we will look to see how the character of this No…

Event Details
“ Hundred Years of Battlefield Tourism` - By Tim Lynch
03 Dec

“ Hundred Years of Battlefield Tourism` - By Tim Lynch

Chesterfield Labour Club, 113 Saltergate, Chesterfield, S40 1NF
03 Dec 2019 19:30

“ Hundred Years of Battlefield Tourism` Going Back: Pilgrimages on the Western Front  Even before the Great War had formally ended, visitors had begun to visit the trench lines of the Western Front and a booming tourist trade had started to develop. Battlefield Guide Tim Lynch looks back at 100 years of tourism and commemoration and what it…

Event Details
AGM, followed by a Membership Participation Presentation
07 Jan

AGM, followed by a Membership Participation Presentation

Chesterfield Labour Club, 113 Saltergate, Chesterfield, S40 1NF
07 Jan 2020 19:30

Branch Annual General Meeting, followed by Various short  Presentations by Members

Event Details