ONLINE: 'Kaiser Bill: The Man Behind the Image' by Sue Woolmans
13 Feb

Caption: Kaiser Wilhelm II at the height of his power

About this talk: Kaiser Wilhelm II - the last emperor of Germany - has a bad reputation. He was pilloried by the British press and castigated for his role in the start of the Great War. In this talk, Sue sets out a more rounded view of the man who was the grandson of Queen Victoria, the first cousin of King George V, a British Field Marshal and a British Admiral of the Fleet. She discusses his extraordinary upbringing before exploring the Kaiser's love/hate relationship with the British imperial family, his connections with Europe's other ruling houses, and his ultimate fate. Sue may even wring some sympathy out of you for Germany's Great War leader.

About the Speaker: Sue Woolmans is a Royal historian and writer whose work has appeared in Majesty and Royalty Digest magazines. As well as co-authoring 'The Assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand', she has contributed to two books on the Russian Imperial family. Sue recently appeared on Dan Snow's History Hit podcast and is currently helping to edit a book on the Spanish royal family.

  Caption: In exile

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13 Feb 2024 19:20