ONLINE: 'Peril in Paradise: Asia and the Pacific during the Great War' by Rob Fleming
14 Feb

Caption: Almost completely forgotten events from off-the-beaten-track theatres of war on land and at sea.


About this talk: This talk introduces the now almost completely forgotten conflicts in the Asian, South Atlantic and Pacific theatres of the Great War, focusing particularly on Germany's Pacific Ocean colonies, and on the naval war in the Indian, Pacific and South Atlantic oceans. It looks at the participants, the leadership figures and the decision making as well as examining key battles, outcomes and legacy.

About this speaker: Robert is an Australian historian, writer and public speaker with over twenty years' experience in museums. As an archaeologist, he primarily worked on fortifications, early military buildings, and colonial mansions in Australia and has been a guest archaeologist on Time Team. He was at the Imperial War Museum for two years, and the National Army Museum for 15 years, delivering over 80 lectures, and spending six years managing the Templer Study Centre (library and archive). Rob specialises in imperialism and post-colonial legacy, the military history of British Empire and Commonwealth forces (particularly world wars), and the politics of empire. As a curator, he has become highly knowledgeable of British Empire uniform, technology, weapons, equipment and transportation, and spent four years focused on British military art. He is an Associate of the Museums Association and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

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14 Feb 2023 19:20