Christmas Meeting and AGM
21 Dec

 A full year's programme completes with our Christmas meeting (when was the last time we could say that?). There will be a short talk by our good friend, Mark Smith (he hasn't revealed the subject yet, so I count it a Christmas mystery), there will be a buffet (there are rumours of cake!), there will be a quiz and there will be a raffle (with things that aren't all books!) and of course there will be lots of nattering about the Great War (and who knows, maybe other topics?).

Oh, there will be an AGM as well, but we hope to keep that short and sweet.


Mark at the 'Trench of Bayonets', Verdun Trip 2023


Main Image: British troops eating their Christmas dinner in a shell hole at Beaumont Hamel, 25th December 1916. This is a photograph from the collections of the Imperial War Museum. Q1631 IWM.

Walthamstow Cricket Tennis & Squash Club, 48a Greenway Ave, London. E17 3QN
21 Dec 2023 19:30