'From Gaza to Jerusalem: The Campaigns of Southern Palestine, 1917' with Stuart Hadaway
16 May

In early 1917, the British Egyptian Expeditionary Force attempted to break out of the Sinai Desert into southern Palestine.  This attempt resulted in two bloody repulses at Gaza in March and April, after which the EEF settled down to static warfare while gathering strength for their next effort.  Meanwhile, across the lines the Ottomans not only strengthened their defences but also gathered their own forces for an attempt to retake the Sinai Desert and cut the Suez Canal.  Their next clash began in October, and would see the EEF conduct a lightning advance in arguably the most successful British offensive of the war so far, capturing Jerusalem by Christmas.

Stuart Hadaway is a professional military historian who has spent many years working with regimental museums around the UK, including as curator of the RAF Museum. He is currently Senior Researcher to the official historians of the RAF, as well as being a prolific writer with articles published in many magazines, including Britain at War, Military Illustrated and Your Family Tree, and this evenings topic was the subject of a book he published in 2015.

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16 May 2024 19:30