Not Just a Young Woman’s War: Older Women in the War’s Zones with Dr Viv Newman
15 Jun

Whilst war is generally associated with the young, this talk focuses on older women’s responses and how a number, despite their age, were determined to serve their country, frequently overseas. The oldest of the cast was in her 80s yet correctly believed that she could “run as fast and work as hard” as many of those who were young enough to be her grandchildren. Ranging across theatres of war and often drawing upon their own writings, this talk focuses upon women from various nations and backgrounds, highlighting the resilience and sheer ‘bloody-mindedness’ of an overlooked group of feisty individuals.

Viv Newman is a social historian with a particular interest women's service in the First World War, having done her doctoral research on the subject of women's poetry of the era., and subsequently written widely on related topics (see below).


Her books include:

We Also Served: The Forgotten Women of the First World War
Nursing Through Shot and Shell: A Great War Nurse's Diary
Tumult and Tears: The Story of the Great War Through the Eyes and Lives of its Women Poets
Régina Diana: Seductress, Singer, Spy
Suffragism and the Great War
Children at War 1914-1918
Changing Roles: Women in the Aftermath of the Great War

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Walthamstow Cricket Tennis & Squash Club, 48a Greenway Ave, London. E17 3QN
15 Jun 2023 19:30