Ross Beadle - ‘The Origins of the Schlieffen Plan: German War Planning up to July 1914'
11 Aug

This talk will consider how 'If you make a false premise at the very beginning, it really doesn’t matter how relentlessly logical you are thereafter the whole edifice is built on sand'. That is the story of German war planning. And to complicate the history further, once 44 years of work has gone belly up, as it did in 1914, those responsible have to somehow to explain it afterwards. It took 70+ years for the truth behind Schlieffen’s and Moltke’s plans to fully emerge. There was no particular requirement to go round Paris, the main battle was always likely to be in the area of Charleroi, Schlieffen’s numbers did not add up. And there’s more …

Members and non-members of The Western Front Association are equally welcome. Any new visitors are guaranteed a friendly atmosphere and a warm welcome from a group of like-minded enthusiasts. 

St Peters Rooms, Ruddington, Notts NG11 6HD
0787 5156513
11 Aug 2023 19:30