The Battle of George Square + AGM
02 Mar

Louise Heren                                      The Battle of George Square + AGM

'In 1919 Glasgow was gripped by strikes – would revolution come to Scotland?  To keep the peace would the police be able to control the demonstrations and the violence that accompanied it, or would the civil authorities need the assistance of the military?  Tanks were sent north, troops were deployed in the city, but were they actually used to control the demonstrators, and was there a “Battle of George Square”?

Louise Heren, a PhD graduate from St Andrews, together with Gordon Barclay has written a book examining what became known as 'The Battle of George Square'. This book is the first attempt to summarise these events in close detail, and piece all available sources into a coherent narrative referring to thousands of pages of papers, memoirs, eyewitness accounts and news reports.

Prior to Louise' talk the Branch AGM will take place.

Glasite Hall, King Street, Dundee DD1 2JB
02 Mar 2024 14:00