Welcome to the Southend on Sea branch of The Western Front Association.

We meet at The Royal Naval Association Building, 73 East Street. Southend, SS2 6LQ on the third Tuesday of each month at 8.00pm. (No longer on Mondays as in the past). 

This means the following meetings in your diary should be changed to: 
Next Tuesday 26th April - Phil Sutcliffe speaks about his father's autobiography 'Nobody of Any Importance' 
Tuesday 17th May - Dougie Furn - 'Eital Fritz Farm Trench raid'
Tuesday 21st June - Peter Hodgkinson - 'Developing a Meritocracy in the BEF'
Tuesday 19th July - Taff Gillingham 

Upcoming Branch Events

From Gaza to Jerusalem

Royal Naval Association (Southend) , 73-79 East St, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6LQ
26 Sep 2022 20:00

At the start of 1917, the Egyptian Expeditionary Force (EEF) crossed the border from Egypt into Palestine.  After a pause to build up their logistics, in March and April 1917 they made two failed attempts to break through the Ottoman lines around Gaza and advance north into the country.  The summer was spent digging in, re-organising, a…

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An independent Royal Air Force. Inspiration or aberration?

Royal Naval Association (Southend) , 73-79 East St, Southend-on-Sea, SS2 6LQ
24 Oct 2022 20:00

The RAF has been in existence for more than 100 years. The creation of the world's first independent air force is generally recognised as a landmark event in military history. The RAF’s illustrious history and glorious victories are quite rightly the subject of national pride. But did creating an independent air force help or hinder the developme…

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