Chaplains in Gallipoli: Their Work Behind The Lines with Carole Hope
10 Feb

Carole Hope will be giving a talk about chaplains in Gallipoli. 

Carole Hope’s working life was spent in administrative roles in both the private and public sectors. She graduated BA (Hons) from the Open University in 2000 and the final module for the degree sparked her interest in the Great War. This subsequently developed during many trips to the former battlefields of the Western Front, Gallipoli and Salonika.

Now retired, she spends her time researching and writing and has published two books, the first of which relates to an Irish chaplain on the Western Front and the second to an Irish soldier who served in Gallipoli and the Western Front.

Carole will give a brief introduction to the developing role of chaplains on the Allied side in the Great War, before moving on to Gallipoli. She will introduce examples of the work of Turkish and German chaplains, however her talk will concentrate mainly on the Allied and English speaking side, purely because of the wealth of accessible material.

She will examine such issues as the nature of combatant faith, chaplains as conduits of communication and morale, the relationship of chaplains and medical corps, chaplains in the front lines and behind the lines.

The talk will introduce some English language historiography relating to chaplains and specifically those who left memoirs of their time on the Gallipoli peninsula.

Carole’s website is > 

And she can be found on Twitter  @Carole1418

Lewes Town Hall, Lecture Hall off Fisher Street, Lewes
10 Feb 2023 19:30