"The Battle of Cambrai  : There Was More To It Than Tanks' with Ross Beadle
28 Oct

We welcome Ross Beadle who is well known among the branches of The Western Front Association. 

Ross will be speaking to us about the Battle of Cambrai and how it was more than just about tanks. 

The battle lasted 13 days, but the tanks, which made the battle famous, had little role to play after 2pm on the first day.

He used new artillery silent registration methods, tanks in a mass formation for the first time combined with the old technology of cavalry to provide exploitation to attack against thin opposition.

So how did Byng's grand plan for encircling the Germans go wrong?

It ended with a German counterattack that took back as much territory as had been gained.

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Image: Battle of Cambrai. A 'C' Battalion tank bringing in a captured 15 cm naval gun. Wood east of Ribecourt on the Marcoing Road, 29 November 1917. © IWM Q 6356

Lewes Town Hall, Lecture Hall off Fisher Street, Lewes
28 Oct 2022 19:30