ONLINE: Currie, Vimy, and the Learning Curves
12 Apr

The presentation will be live and online. 

To commemorate the Canadian capture of Vimy Ridge 104 years ago almost to the day, we will be having not one but two speakers on this webinar. 

Bill Stewart will explain how the capture of Vimy Ridge in April 1917 is the best known and most celebrated Canadian victory of the First World War. This presentation provides an overview of the battle and its preparations. Its primary focus will be on the changes made by the Canadian Corps, like the larger BEF, to dramatically transform its doctrine and approaches between the Somme and Arras 1917 to deliver this triumph. 

Above: Canadian Corps, Summer 1916 The 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade marches past Minister of Militia and Defence Sam Hughes and Major-General Arthur Currie in the summer of 1916. (George Metcalf Archival Collection - CWM 19920044-601)

Tim Cook will then talk about Sir Arthur Currie who is Canada’s greatest battlefield general. His art of command was learned on the Western Front through defeat and victory.  This illustrated presentation will explore Currie’s rise from lieutenant-colonel to corps commander, with an emphasis on his wartime experience after the April 1917 Battle of Vimy Ridge. 


Above: General Currie, Commander of the Canadian troops in France

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ONLINE: Currie, Vimy, and the Learning Curves,
12 Apr 2021 20:00