ONLINE: Harington of Chanak
22 Jan

The presentation will be live and online. 

Widely known for the address before the battle of Messines which commenced 'Gentlemen, we may not make history tomorrow, but we shall certainly change the geography' and often remembered solely for being General Plumer's Chief of Staff, the life of Sir Charles Harington Harington, known to all as 'Tim', offers a fascinating insight into the life of a staff officer over forty years of service.

After relinquishing his position as DCIGS in 1920, Harington assumed command of the Army of the Black Sea, occupying parts of Turkey.

From the South Africa to the Spanish Civil War this talk looks back the life of a man referred to by his peers as 'an outstanding soldier'. 

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ONLINE: Harington of Chanak,
22 Jan 2024 20:00