ONLINE: They Shoot Spies - the untold story of the first female agents
26 Nov

The presentation will be live and online.

Viv Newman will talk about the unusual subject of female spies who operated in the Great War. Moving beyond the stereotypes of Edith Cavell and Mata Hari this presentation explores the lives and actions of two Belgian and one French woman whose espionage made a significant contribution to the Allied Cause. One is believed to be the only woman, probably the only person, to have been decorated by France, Belgium, Britain AND Germany.

The talk also introduces the elusive  'Fraulein Doktor' – the most important spymaster working for the German Army as well as Régina Diana, her most effective agent working in Paris and Marseille. The presentation is based on Viv's recently published 'Régina Diana: Seductress, Singer, Spy'.


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ONLINE: They Shoot Spies - the untold story of the first female agents,
26 Nov 2020 20:00