ONLINE VIRTUAL TOUR #5 Mont St Quentin 1918: 'A necessary feat of arms?'
10 Feb

This digital virtual tour of the Australian attack at Peronne during the Hundred Days offensive will 'go live' on 10 February 2022 at 7.30pm UK time.

(There is no pre-registration for this event)

Pushing ahead during the advance to victory in the late summer of 1918 brought its own problems to the Allies. One of those was the rapidly progressing Infantry outstripping the Artillery with their speed of advance.

Thus the Battle of Mont St Quentin becoming known as 'a soldiers battle' for that very reason.

General Sir John Monash with his Australian Corps, had been told to 'keep touch' with the enemy and he took that as an opportunity to once more show what his troops could achieve and rushed his Corps to capture Mont St Quentin, the Gateway to Peronne on the bend in the Somme River. The Battle on the Hill was certainly a Fine feat of Arms, but this talk will also look at whether it was actually a necessary feat of arms.

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ONLINE VIRTUAL TOUR #5 Mont St Quentin 1918: 'A necessary feat of arms?',
10 Feb 2022 19:30